Hextar Kimia offers a wide range of Specialty Chemicals, used on the basis of their performance or functions, for petrochemical plants and refineries. Hextar Kimia acts as the exclusive distributor for renowned multinational principals (see our List of Principals) for the oil & gas market in Malaysia. The specialty chemicals that are in Hextar Kimia’s product list are as follows. 

– Gas Odorants (Ethyl Mercaptan (EM), Spotleak® 1001)
– Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS)
– O-Scent

– Perchloroethylene
– Para-Diethylbenzene
– Methyldiethanolamine

– Strong Acid Cation
– Strong Base Anion
– Condensate or Mixed Bed (Premium Grades)
– Mixed Bed
– SST (Shallow Shell Technologie)

– Cold Flow Improver
– Pour Point Depressants
– Cloud Point
– Dehazer
– Demulsifier
– H2S Scavenger
– Surfactants
– Antifoulants
– Yellow Dye
– Red Dye
– Organic Peroxides
– Slip Agents
– Anti-Static
– Antioxidants
– Metal Stearates
– Corrosion Inhibitor
– Methanol synthesis catalysts
– Formaldehyde synthesis catalysts
– Reforming catalysts
– Hydrogenation catalysts
– Purification catalysts
– Complete Saturation Process (CSP) catalyst
– Selective Hydrogenation Process (SHP) catalyst

Hextar Kimia’s Proven Capability

Our aspiration is to provide a total solution for a wide range of specialty chemicals to our Oil & Gas clients.  With a team of highly-experienced engineers, chemical professionals and logistics specialists, we are dedicated to ensuring superior service quality to all our customers.

Carelflex ® Services (Catalyst in-situ Sulfiding)
Experienced Team
24-hour Emergency Supply
Shortest Delivery Lead Time
Compliance to Local & International Regulations
Security of Supply
Industrial Odor Neutralization