Oilfield Chemicals

Oilfield chemicals are a chemical components consists of various compounds that are applied in oil and gas by the purpose to improve these operations by improving the efficiency and productivity of the oil drilling process, productions, transportation, storage and etc.

These chemicals are added in well drilling, production facilities, pipelines and workover fluids to achieve the optimum performance and enhance the effectiveness of the oil recovery.

Among the chemicals such as drilling fluids, loss circulation materials, inhibitors, biocide, scavengers and production chemicals.

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Production Chemicals

Demulsifier, Water Clarifiers, Deoiler, Wax Inhibitor, Drag Reducers, Paraffin Inhibitor, Asphaltene Inhibitor, Pour Point Depressant, Sludge Breaker

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Sludge Oil

Desludging, Tank Cleaning, Hydrocarbon Recovery

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Integrity Chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitors, Biocides, Oxygen & H2S Scavengers, Scale Inhibitors, Scale Dissolvers & Descaler, Hydrate Inhibitors, Antifoam

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Condensate Mercury Removal, Mercury Waste Minimization, Decontamination Services

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Water Injection Chemicals

Oxygen Scavengers, Surfactants, Polyelectrolyte, Antifoam

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Production Enhancement

Well Rejuvenation, Heavy Oil Production, Enhanced Oil Recovery

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Our operation

Warehouse & Blending Facility

  • The facility is able to blend various types of integrity and production chemicals, either water or solvent based, operated by experienced personnel in the industry.
  • The facilities were design to store Dangerous Good cargo, Chemical handling & refilling facility with Isotanks for bulk storage.
  • Own and able to supply to customers in dedicated tank such as 1000L & 2000L Tote Tank come with Lifting Skid and Certificates.
    Dedicated warehouse for DG cargo storage completes with CCTV, skilled operators, forklift and lorry.

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