Hextar Kimia works closely with its various principals (see our List of Principals) to provide the best solutions to our customers’ operations, ensuring that finite raw materials and energy are used efficiently in the production of industrial chemicals, plastics and fuels. Acting as the Exclusive Distributor for Malaysia, Hextar Kimia offers the following catalysts & inert bed support:

– Methanol synthesis catalysts
– Ammonia synthesis catalysts
– Formaldehyde synthesis catalysts
– Water gas shift catalysts
– Syngas reforming catalysts
– Hydrogenation catalysts for C2/C3
– Purification catalysts
– Complete Saturation Process (CSP) catalyst for C3/C4
– Selective Hydrogenation Process (SHP)catalyst for C3/C4

– Activated Carbon
– Molecular Sievess
– Clays

– Ceramic balls
– Alumina balls & lumps

Hextar Kimia's Proven Capability

Our aspiration is to provide a total solution for a wide range of catalysts & adsorbents to our Oil & Gas clients.  With a team of highly-experienced engineers, chemical professionals and logistics specialists, we are dedicated to ensuring superior service quality to all our customers.

Experienced Team
Compliance to Local & International Regulations
Security of Supply
Shortest Delivery Lead Time