Message from the CEO

Greetings and welcome to Hextar Kimia!

We are a hardworking team focused on bringing the best possible chemical solutions to our customers in the Oil & Gas industry. Although we have been doing this for almost 30 years, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve our chemical packaging, delivery systems and value added services. In that regard, we believe we are miles ahead of the competition in terms of safety, efficiency and overall quality.

We invite you to browse through our website and have a look at our range of specialty products and services. If you see anything that strikes your fancy and would like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our representatives.

If you are a prospective CUSTOMER looking for specialty chemicals, catalysts, adsorbents and related technical services, you’ll be happy to know that our products and services have an excellent track record and have been proven over many years in numerous refineries, petrochemical plants, gas processing plants, etc around the world. Please contact our Technical Sales Team for more information.

If you are a prospective PRINCIPAL or BUSINESS PARTNER looking for an Exclusive Distributor, Agent or Authorized Representative in Malaysia and/or Australia, you’ll be pleased to know that we currently represent more than 20 multinational manufacturers of specialty chemicals, catalysts and adsorbents as Exclusive Distributor. Our relationships with our various principals go back many years and we’re looking to forge new long-term relationships that will help us expand our portfolio. Please contact our Business Development Team for more information.

If you are a PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYEE or INTERN, you’ll be interested to know that we have a very low employee turnover rate. We are a close-knit team of dynamic professionals operating in a supportive and nurturing work environment. We value our relationships with people – whether they are customers, principals, colleagues, bosses or subordinates. Feel free to drop us an email at for more information.

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