Hextar Kimia provides a one-stop solution for Gas Odorant & DMDS Tank Decontamination for the purpose of DOSH Inspection or Tank Decommissioning. The Decontamination of Gas Odorant and DMDS tanks is a very sensitive procedure that involves controlling highly hazardous odors, cleaning traces of odorant inside the tank and handling the pyrophoric nature of the tank’s internal surface after contact with gas odorant or DMDS. Hextar Kimia has a highly trained and experienced team with  special tools and chemicals to get the job done right. 


Hextar Kimia's Proven Capability

Unlike the typical ineffective masking agent or the highly dangerous exothermic oxidizing methods, our specialist team keeps delivering successful and satisfactory jobs by using our unique tank decontamination method, which is guaranteed safe, environmentally friendly and highly effective.

Experienced Team
24 hours Decontamination Process & Emergency Response
Shortest Delivery Lead Time
Biodegradable Neutralizing Agent
Compliance to Local Safety, Health & Environmental Regulations
Industrial Odor Neutralization